Friday, April 12, 2013

I now take a further step into the cloud

Now I have bought myself a Samsung Chromebook 3G with Google Chrome OS & is now taking another step into the cloud

Saturday, March 24, 2012

upgrade to an iPad 3

I decided finally to upgrade my iPad1 and buy myself a new iPad3. I had actually intended to buy me an android tablet but realized that iPad3 truly in a class by itself. What attracted me to buy the new iPad3 is its excellent screen, it's something I appreciate because I read a lot books on my iPad. I will very likely also buy myself a Android tablet, but with a smaller screen of 7 inches. I'm actually much more interested in Android because it is against that platform that I committed to developing mobile applications. But now I bought me a Apple product again :-)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Redesign my website & moved it to the "cloud" with Google Sites

A new website ( for my company OJN Data AB is in progress since a week back. Work on new website is not quite clear yet, but since yesterday it's on display in public.

I've now also moved my website to "cloud" with the help of Google Sites. I have also a few years back replaced my email-server for the domain with the "cloud" with the help of Google Apps. Now my server at home/office don't do so much.

My son Axel Nordstrom (15 years old) is the person responsible for the graphics but is not quite finished with their work yet. My thought was that he could learn a little HTML in their weekly holidays from school. Right now you can compare my new website ( with the old website (

I'm really happy to build the website with Google Sites, it has worked quite smoothly and has not been so difficult to get started. My last website I built by hand using only a text editor, that's why it looks so miserably bad.

The site has now become mobile custom, which is in line with OJN Data's strategy of focusing on mobility, the support was also included in Google Sites.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Waiting for the updated for my Nokia N9 to PR1.1

I bought the N9 only one week ago and will soon get next update already!!
This is awesome!

Read more here:
- N9 over the air software update rollout started
- Nokia N9 gets PR1.1 update(20.2011.40-4) at Nokia Innovation

Nokia N9 got the Swedish Gold Mobile Awards

This is very nice!!

Nokia N9 wins best design, best camera and best mobile of the year in Swedish Gold Mobile Awards!

Congratulations to the N9 team! Wonderful job!

Read more about here (in Swedish)

Friday, November 04, 2011

I have a great device, the Nokia N9 MeeGo/Harmattan

I have now bought the N9 and I am planning to keep it for the next few years. I hope Nokia announces something new for MeeGo/Harmattan or Meltemi that I can move on to after the N9 or Apple will be taking my money. Windows Phone is not an option for me.

I prefer N9 compare with Nokia Lumia 800, because N9 have NFC and front facing camera. And, being Linux-based, can run Android apps (I only hope the software will be released, but I don't know?). N9 is also the true Open Source phone, with a open source development tool, Qt/c++.

Listen to your customers Nokia. Let them decide which one they prefer by making both available (N9 & Lumia 800) in the market. I really love the N9 phone, I have only had for some days but think it is so great!
I have also manage to synchronize all the calendars from google, I found this instructions HowTo to synchronize all the calendars from google to the Nokia N9, many Thanks!!

The last phone I loved was Nokia N900, I have waiting two years for the next step, the N9!
Now I will start developing some great apps for the phone!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nokia World 2011; Recap

I thought I ought to sum up the Nokia World 2011 conference.

Overall the conference was a not so good this time if you compare with Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco or the last years Nokia World 2010 & Nokia Developer Summit 2010. It was not so much for developer at all, but any way I took the opportunity to go on the only developer training course at this event "Nokia with windows phone training", I think it was interesting to learn more about that platform but I want more!, more more about developing for all Nokia's different platform like Symbian/MeeGo/Qt/JavaME.

I think the Nokia World is a very interesting event to go to any way, it is a pity that Nokia does not offer something for Qt developers?! I found one very interesting news about Qt, in the last session Mr. Elop said "Qt is our primary vehicle to reach the next billion" — I must say, this is very very interesting!" I would like to hear more about this in the future!

I also would like to hear more about MeeGo and if/what is coming in the future, but Nokia choose to not speak about it at all. I found it very very strange, when Nokia as a matter of fact have release this big sale success, the Nokia N9. I am very disappointed about that!

- I was thinking Qt Developer Days would perhaps have been better event to go on, instead of NokiaWorld.
- Overall the conference was not a good one, not for a Qt/developer. Sadly I left it with a disappointed feeling. The good thing was a updated address book with those new contacts and new friends.
- I took the opportunity to go on the only training course "Nokia with windows phone training", it was interesting to learn more about that platform, so it was good thing, but I not sure if Nokia will convince so many Qt/Java developer to start develop for this platform, I think they more likely will go for Android.
- I still plan to learn more about Qt, it look like it will be important in the future for mobile application development for the Symbian, MeeGo and "the next billion(S40/linux)" platform (rumours says that).
- I have also decided to start learning Android development, the main reason for that is "I really don't think I could trust Nokia any longer, perhaps will they also change there mind again about Qt? and I don't think Qt developers are so important for Nokia any longer!"
- I don't understand who want to buy a Nokia Lumia 800 when you have Nokia N9? I am serious about this issue? I will at least buy me a Nokia N9 that's for sure!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia world 2011 for a Nokia MeeGo developer

Now I am on my flight to London and wondering if Nokia World 2011 will give me and others Meego fans any good news at all or will this conference only be about wp7?

This year I am not pleased with this Nokia World & what I will get as a developer, I think it was a bad decision not also have a Nokia developer summit together with Nokia World like last year. Nokia also promise Nokia Launchpad members a free Nokia Developer Summit this year but no they change it to a only Nokia World event, this really bad I think!

I really would like to see a new cool "linux device" or at least get Nokia's plan about the future about MeeGo/Qt? Otherwise nokia would leave the non-wp7 crowd in the cold!

It not enough to say "Qt is a strategic investment for us, today and in the future" Marco Argenti, Nokia. #QtDD11 keynote. I would like to hear a lot more....

I have also plan to decide after Nokia World if I will go for Android & drop MeeGo/Harmattan or go for both. I can say I would like to hear any good news from Nokia about the future for non-wp7 developers like me.

The strategic decision by Nokia to nearly kill Symbian and MeeGo before they have something to show us was not so very clever I think, nearly very stupid!

I also think that one good thing for Nokia with Symbian and Meego is that Nokia control it completely like Apple do with IOS, control both hardware and software will be very important in the future I believe. Why throw away that benefit?
Without own platform for next generation devices I don't see any chance for Nokia to survive. Nokia need MeeGo and Symbian I believe!! I hope they change the strategic decision very soon, why not to day? so Nokia go for MeeGo also.... I believe is more right decision for the future!

Now I am in London very soon, landing in 10 minutes. Now I am getting ready for Nokia World tomorrow. I really hope for good news tomorrow, that is true because I am still a Nokia fan as you perhaps know?

Now it is morning and I haven't been able to post this blog post yet, but now I have arrive to Nokia World 2011 and keynote will start about 20 minutes, I hope for good MeeGo news!!