Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sony Ericsson will support JavaFX™ Mobile

I like when mobile phone companies tell us developers what we could expect in the future about JavaME in there platform!!!

Now SonyErcisson tell us: Sony Ericsson will support JavaFX™ Mobile

I have to make decisions about what I believe is interesting technology for the future
in the mobility area!
What should I learn, it is perhaps impossible to learn all?
What different devices will support it?
We have a lot of new JavaME technology like:
eRCP, eSWT, MIDP 3.0, JavaFX Mobile, LWUIT, Java ODP ...and a lot more

When companies tell us about there plans it is much easier to make decisions!
I would like more companies to tell us about there plans!
Sun have told us about the Java Mobility roadmap!!
I like it!!
Now also SonyEricsson have told us about there plans for JavaFX Mobile.