Saturday, September 25, 2010

JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010; Recap JavaME

I thought I ought to sum up this year’s JavaOne2010 conference. It has been an intense week as always. This was the 9th time I’ve gone to JavaOne. This year I also join Oracle Develop conference for the first time.

What could you say about this conference?
I agree totally with this blogpost: Sun JavaOne != Oracle javaone
  • It was really a small JavaOne conference this year
  • I also miss the normal JavaOne excitement, I didn't feel it
Some of the hot mobility topics at this JavaOne:
  • Oracle show the (Oracle) JavaME roadmap, thats was good but is was a Oracle JavaME roadmap not a community JavaME roadmap!!
  • Oracle is also committed to modernizing the Java ME platform, and is working with the Java Mobile community on Java They talked about a planed meeting i Bonn about (some weeks away from now).
  • JavaFX Mobile, has now Oracle put on hold
  • MIDP 3.0 is ready for devices and new devices with MIDP 3.0 I believe are coming next year, but Oracle choose not to talk about it at this JavaOne, very strange??!!
  • Oracle to webify mobile Java against Android

  • MIDP 3.0 is ready for devices and new devices with MIDP 3.0 are coming next year, but Oracle choose not to talk about it at this JavaOne, I really hate company politics!! Read more about it here.
  • JavaOne gets smaller and smaller, the first year I attend JavaOne it was 5 whole days . Starting 8.30 in the morning and ending 23.30 in the evening.
  • I feel now I will probably not attend any more JavaOne conference, if Oracle not change back to the old way of doing (Sun) JavaOne.
  • Oracle is committed to JavaME and but must now starting handling the unhealthy business mess in JavaME to be able to take JavaME forward.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nokia Developer Summit 2010; Recap Technical Stream

I thought I ought to sum up the Nokia Developer Summit 2010 conference.

Overall the conference was a not so good this time if you compare with Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco.
I think the combination with Nokia World what not so good from a developers view, I would like to have technical keynote instead.

I like the technical session and hands-on lab, but they started to late every day, 10.30 to 17.00. The result was only 2 half days but with new interesting stuff.

I also would like to hear more about MeeGo and what is coming but Nokia choose to not speak about it at all.
Very very strange!!!!
I am very disappointed about that

Some of the hot mobility topics at this Nokia Developer Summit:
  • Nokia told us that: Nokia N8 is very important for Nokia because this is the first Nokia device launched with Qt installed
  • Every developer at Nokia developer Summit conference got a new Nokia N8 :-)
  • Qt Quick is the future for building UI for Meego, Maemo and Symbian^4
  • Next release of Maemo will support Qt 4.7 and Qt Quick
  • I plan to learn more about Qt and WRT, it will be important in the future for mobile application development for the Symbian^3, Symbian^4 and the MeeGo platform.
  • Nokia will continue to support JavaME and thats great I think, but Nokia talked more about Qt at this conference.
  • Developers are now more important for Nokia, thats great I think!!
I am looking forward to a next Nokia Developer Summit, but only if it is like in Monaco.