Thursday, January 22, 2009

Java Mobility Roadmap

Nice a Java mobility roadmap from Sun at the Mobile Media and eMbedded Developer Days !
(see slide 13), It is also very nice with a Free, live broadcast / Thanks for that !!!!

PhoneME Feature:
  • Q1-2009 MR4 (MSA1.1)
  • Q4-2009 MR5
PhoneME Advanced:
  • Q3-2009 MR3
JavaME SDK 3.0:
  • Q1-2009
JavaFX Mobile:
  • Q1-2009
MIDP 3.0 (project home):
  • Q1/Q2-2009
MSA2.0 (read more here):
  • Q3-2009
Mobile browser API for JavaME (JSR-290):
  • Q2-2009
JavaCard 3.0 (from JavaCard 3.0 session)
  • Q2-2009 Reference Implementation

Monday, January 12, 2009

Maemo Wordpy 1.0 beta4

My favourite Blogger blog client for my Nokia N810 is Maemo Wordpy has now come to version 1.0 beta4. It is now also very nice to be able to edit posts already published, read more about it here.