Tuesday, December 25, 2007

skype and Nokia N770 (running OS 2007 Hacker edition)

Someone discovered that is possible to make Skype run on N770 with Os2007 HE.
It works really great for me!

This is what I did to get it working with skype:
1) First I installed the latest version of os2007 hacker edition, version 4.2007.46-3
2) Install Skype-ui, Menu>Tools>App Manager>Browse Installable apps>skype-ui
3) Download the last Skype armel deb, version1. and extract the file named skypehost (In folder ...../usr/bin you find it).
4) copy skyhost into your mmc card (using the USB cable).

5) Install Xterm, to install XTerm on a Nokia 770 0S2007HE go to maemo-hackers and click on the .install link for "bora"
6) Install "becomeroot" package, download it from here

7) Copy skypehost from your mmc card to /usr/bin:
Start Xterm
~ $ sudo gainroot
/home/user # cp /media/mmc1/skyhost /usr/bin
/home/user # chown user:users /usr/bin/skyhost

That's all! You can find more information on the original post

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Oh, Christmas time again!!

I have been very busy last month, working a lot and training karate a lot.

One week ago , I got a new karate belt, brown (2 kyu). The picture is from our training camp in December 2007 with Shihan Lionel 8th Dan from South Africa and Sensei Mikael Lundström 5th Dan.

Today it was time to buy the last Christmas presents..., now after a nice dinner and some glass of wine I got into the Christmas spirit!!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!!