Saturday, October 27, 2007

No support for Java 6 in Leopard

I feel very disappointed about that Apple have not add support for Java 6 in Leopard!!

I have plan to buy me a new Apple laptop (after Apple have release Leopard) but now I don't know any longer. Perhaps I will go for a linux laptop instead??

What laptop should I buy?
What linux OS should I go fore?
(Ubuntu, Suse10)
Or perhaps solaris (look like James Gosling think it better choise)?
What do you think is the best solution for a Java developer?

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Friday, October 26, 2007

the future of JavaME

There is a lot of confusion about what James Gosling had said about the future of JavaME.

Anyway, I hope we very soon will see more devices supporting JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 + JSR-232 + JSR-249 (but this JSR is not ready yet)!
On that platform it will be possible to add also the old JavaME platform (MIDP2.1 (and of course JSR-248)).

Read more about all good things with JSR-232 here

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sun and Samsung developing a Java mobile phone

I read that Sun and Samsung are joinly developing a Java phone!
This is interesting because Sun bought the SavaJe company earlier this year and now we could see some result of that.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - really cool!!

This is a device I have waiting for, I will buy it!
It is the first Nokia Internet Tablet with a keyboard and GPS.
I will also be able to install JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 on it, thanks to phoneMEAdvanced!
Nokia N810

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

eSWT and Netbeans

Nokia have now released a eSWT plugin for Nokia S60 SDK 3rd Edition FP2 beta.

I thought, will I be able to use my favorite JavaME development tool, Netbeans 5.5.1, for develop a eSWT Midlet?
The short answer is: Yes it works, thanks to the Nokia SDK (very nice Nokia!!)

HowTo get started with eSWT development with Midlets?
  1. Read: eSWT for S60, First Contact - Gorkem Ercan from Nokia
  2. Read: How to use eSWT with Midlets.
  3. Install Nokia S60 SDK 3rd Edition FP2 beta
  4. Install eSWT plugin
  5. Install Netbeans 5.5.1 and Netbeans Mobility Pack and add the Nokia SDK (In the menu "Tools/Java platform manager", choose "Add platform" and "Java Micro Edition platform Emulator")
I used the example code from How to use eSWT with Midlets and it works with Netbeans!

But Netbeans don't support eSWT, it works because of the Nokia SDK, I wondering if there is any plans for eSWT support in Netbeans?

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