Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Next Generation Java phone solution, SavaJe

At SavaJe’s faq you can read:
The kernel, device drivers, JVM, graphics, media framework and other low-level code is written in C or C++. The rest of the platform code is written in Java.

SavaJe OS is a complete operating system and applications platform. It includes a kernel and an integrated JVM, but it differs from other mobile Java solutions in that the JVM is an integral part of the platform, which allows efficient execution of Java code. Because Java is the application language for SavaJe OS, the JVM is less virtual than on other mobile platforms. In addition to the kernel and the JVM, SavaJe OS includes a complete set of applications and a reference UE (user experience) implementation.

SavaJe is not only a JVM!
SavaJe is an OS based on Java!

I found that SavaJe is in the conference Pavilion at this year JavaOne 2006, perhaps they have any device to show, I hope so!, a very interesting solution!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We get better GUI support because of Java Me / Personal profile 1.1 (JSR-216)

The main reason for version 1.1 of Personal Profile is to be able to use future CDC optional packages (derived from J2SE 1.4 instead of J2SE 1.3).
For example, the new Advanced Graphics and UI (AGUI) Optional Package for J2ME (JSR-209) is a good example.

The UI toolkit AGUI (JSR-209), is a subset of Swing for CDC, JSR-209 is in status “Proposed Final Draft”, so it not far away.

Ok, now we have a new specification for Personal Profile, but will there be companies that support it?
We need devices and tools!!
Personal Profile 1.0 had no success in this area!
You can read things like Sun - Get you finger out! We NEED a Java Handheld / VM and Open letter to SUN to produce a JRE for Pocket PC

I hope company like SonyErcisson, HP, Nokia, Palm, DELL will start produce devices, with support for Personal profile 1.1, but this is not enough you also need support for JSR-249 (Mobile Service Architecture Advanced).

I also think we need a good Open Source tool for the Personal Profile 1.1 platform!!
I hope there will be a Netbean version for the Personal Profile 1.1 platform, Netbeans is now my favorite tool for the Java ME/MIDP 2.0 platform, it is really great!!

I think it is now time for success for the Java ME/Personal Profile platform!!!
You can read this about specification for JSR-216:
Personal Profile 1.0 was derived from the J2SE 1.3.1 API specification. Since that time, J2SE 1.4 has provided a number of feature improvements and specification fixes. Personal Profile 1.1 will be derived from J2SE 1.4 and will thus reflect the most up-to-date API versions.
In addition, future CDC optional packages are likely to be derived from J2SE 1.4, and it is important for the platform receiving these optional packages (in this case, Personal Profile) to match the API version of the optional package for the sake of application compatibility and developer familiarity.For example, the Advanced Graphics and UI (AGUI) Optional Package for J2ME (JSR-209) is based on J2SE 1.4 APIs, and will require an underlying AWT infrastructure that is also based on the 1.4 design. Personal Profile 1.1 will provide the necessary support for JSR-209. Note, however, that this support is not expected to result in significant footprint increases or APIs that are unusable in the absence of JSR-209.

update: I found in this blog: What will be in next version of Mobility Pack?:
  • Mobility Pack team will focus on the 6.0 release
  • There will be support for Mobility Pack for CDC - it will be separated pack. It will provide support for CDC/PP. Exact plans when it will be available aren't published yet.
  • NetBeans Mobility for CDC is listed on agenda for Mobility Pack Day at Harrah's, Las Vegas.
  • You can use the Matisse for the CDC/PP development


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Missa inte nästa JavaForum möte den 14/3

Jag tycker dessa JavaForum möten brukar vara bra och jag kan verkligen rekommendera dessa möten. Denna gång skall mötet bland annat innehålla dessa ämnen: Jalbum, Spring 2.0, Strategier för tjänsteorienterad systemintegration med J2EE-teknik och Java i Sensornät. Agenda och hur man anmäler sig till mötet finns på JavaForums hemsida

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I hope more Companies will show up at JavaOne 2006!

JavaOne 2006 comes closer and closer. I will go as usually, this will be my six Java conference! I feel I must go every year, I think the JavaOne conference is great!!!

What do I expect from this JavaOne? Of course learn more about Java EE 5, J2ME/MIDP 3.0, MSA for CLDC(JSR-248), MSA for CDC(JSR-249), Mobile Operational Management (JSR-232), SATSA(JSR-177) and also meet companies that supports Java with tools, Java devices Java EE AS and other Java things.

I hope at this year JavaOne 2006 we will se more companies in the conference Pavilion!! Last year at JavaOne 2005 in the conference Pavilion some big companies was missing like Borland, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Apple and IBM. HP vas there but I didn’t found any information about Pocket PC and Java, this is really bad.

A company like Nokia is really committed to support Java and they also show it for us developer at JavaOne in the conference Pavilion, that’s really great!

I have stop buying devices that not have Java support, no more PALM devices for me….if they start to support it again, I perhaps will change my mind.

I hope Nokia will release more PDA devices in the future, I would like to through a way my old Palm Tungsten T and replace it with a modern Java PDA device. I think Nokias S60 platform look great with support for J2ME/CDC 1.1 during 2006. That is kind of device I would like to buy, I hope they release it soon!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Is J2ME/Personal Profile a dead Java version?

There's a presentation about Next Generation Java in Nokia platforms given in a Forum Nokia Tech Days event last year in August. I have here an interesting picture from this presentation:

If you read about Nokias S60 platform
"During 2006 the S60 platform will also offer rich UI support matching native capabilities (eSWT) and J2SE compatible API subset (CDC/FP)"

As I understand, Nokia will support Foundation Profile 1.1, but the graphics toolkit is not going to be based on J2ME/Personal Profile & J2ME/Personal Basis Profile, it would be based on eSWT instead.

The J2ME/Personal Profile is essentially a graphics package, a subset of AWT. It is a superset of Basis Profile, which is a graphics packaged based on the Xlet model. Basis Profile is a superset of the Foundation Profile, which supports the basic core classes, but no graphics package.

It look to me that the J2ME/Personal Profile and J2ME/Personal Basis Profiles won't be used anymore on Nokia devices. Instead we're going to have eSWT over Foundation Profile 1.1, that is, you get a (much) better windowing toolkit , but also get a very complete subset of J2SE 1.4.2, which is exactly what J2ME/Personal Profile 1.1 is.

But I am not sure about that, what is your option?
Is J2ME/Personal Profile a dead product?
If companies like Nokia start to not support J2ME/Personal Profile, then J2ME/Personal Profile will be dead product, that is my personal opinion.

update no 1: I agree with the comments from Björn C, JSR-249 should include GUI functions other than what’s in MIDP like eSWT or/and J2ME/Personal Profile.

update no 2: comments from Martin Ryzl, Sun in the Netbeans team: JSR-249 is not about UI toolkit - it's kind of standardization of APIs based on CDC configuration, similar to JSR-248 for CLDC.
Speaking about UI toolkits, you should look at JSR-209 (aka AGUI) which is a subset of Swing for CDC. We will support this technology together with Personal Profile (awt).
eSWT is not a JCP standard, thus it cannot be part of JSR-249 and until it is standardized through jcp process we won't support it.

update no 3: anonymous-comment talk about confusion and I could only agree, for me it look like Nokia will drop support for J2ME/Personal Profile and go for eSWT, if it is correct I don't now, only Nokia now.

update no 4: There are some different UI toolkits for the J2ME/CDC platform.We have awt (Personal Profile), we also have AGUI (JSR-209) which is a subset of Swing for CDC. Both are standardized through the jcp process. Nokia talk about eSWT and it is not a JCP standard, any plans standardized eSWT through the jcp process ? Will Nokia only support eSWT for the J2ME/CDC platform in the future?
I think there it is a little confusing in this UI toolkit area!
I think it would be great if Nokia could clarify this matter.