Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At JavaOne you are able to Purchase your SavaJe-based Jasper S20 phone

Read this on 2006 JavaOne Conference Homepage: JavaOne Conference Show Device--SavaJe-Based Jasper S20

Conference attendees have the opportunity to purchase the GSPDA Jasper--the first commercial handset to run all applications in Java technology. Purchase your SavaJe-based Jasper S20 phone and stop by the SavaJe booth to get your NetBeans CDC SDK. Get your hands on a SavaJe phone now, and be one of the first to develop advanced mobile graphic applications!

I wrote earlier about savaJe in my blog: Another Next Generation Java phone solution, SavaJe

I hope it work in Sweden, a very interesting solution!!

More information in a blog:

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hard to now what going on at JCP

For example JSR-249 has a schedule like this:
The targeted schedule for the JSR is as follows:- Expert Group formation: September 2004- Early Draft Review: December 2004- Public Review: January 2005- Proposed Final Draft: May 2005- Final Approval Ballot: September 2005

No information about the delay and what they are doing now!
Is it closed?
Is there a new schedule?

There is a mail list for JCP, it is OK, when they release a new version you get information about this, but I would like to have more information, why is not JSR-249 finished? Is there a new schedule for JSR-249?

My next computer/PDA – a UMPC?

This new type of computer called The Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) look really nice.

Have a look on a Video at this site:
Choose “Watch the video of possible usages”

For a Java developer this is really great!!
You can now use the Java SE 5.0 platform (on a small device like UMPC), because it is running Windows XP and develop cool mobility applications.

Many Java developers are so frustrated about the Java ME platform.
Watch out SonyEricsson, Nokia!!!
You need better devices that support the Java ME platform better.

And thanks MS for that!
Never thought I would say so ...... :-)

I also hope Apple will support UMPC, what will then get!?

Need a JVM (CDC1.1/PP1.1) to windows mobile 5.0?

Found this interesting information:
IMB Evaluation Runtime site has been updated at:

Notable updates include CDC 1.1, Foundation 1.1, Personal Profile 1.1 on Windows XP, Windows Mobile 5.0 (Dell Axim x51 reference), Windows CE 5.0, (Intrinsyc CerfPod 270M reference), RH EL 4.

MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1 and CDC/Foundation/PersonalProfile 1.0 runtimes also still available.Hopefully, the Handango versions will be updated. As stated, you only need to pay $5.99 for a single license. You do not need to license WSDD