Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My DELL laptop PC works better now

I think a common problem for developers/consultants (and others working a lot with computers) we have to install a lot of programs (beta, alfa releases) and after a while (a short time) the performance on the laptop PC is not so good anymore.

I talked with DELL support and they told me when disk free space is lower than 50 %, performance sink 30 %!!!

Reinstall the PC is the best way to get back the performance on the PC, but it is painful, doing backups ….

But now I have bought me an extra disk and replaced it with the DVD player in my laptop. I then moved all data to this extra disk and reinstall Windows XP.
I have now all data on this extra disk (D:), on the first disk (C:) I have only windows XP and programs.
I have also moved the outlook data file to the extra disk (D:), I found out how to Move your Outlook data file to another location

It is now easy to reinstall the computer!!
I am now also able to buy me an extra disk and easy install MacOS (or linux) on the PC and have access to the data disk, cool!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

At least Sweden got a goal!

Sweden- Paraguay 1-0 in the World Cup in Soccer, Sweden was forced to win this match, Fredrik Ljungberg was the hero!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Guide to Java ME CDC

I found this: Guide to Java ME CDC, looks ok!

My experience with the SavaJe phone I bought at JavaOne 2006

I bought the phone at JavaOne. I thought it would be nice to have a cell phone that supports Java ME CDC and JSR-209 and of course because it was the first Java phone.

I was surprised I was able to make phone call at JavaOne (what could you expect with a developer edition).

The performance is not so good, I sync my addresses from outlook (560 addresses) and it takes a while when you try to open Phonebook in the phone now.

I haven’t stopped using my Nokia phone yet (Nokia 3230), I wait till the SavaJe phone is more stable. For me as a developer it is an ok phone, I have waiting years for JavaME/CDC phones.

I think the challenge for SavaJe now is to have good support for this phone and support the developer with new builds of the SavaJe platform.

Well I have started to develop a application using JSR-209 and works well in the developer environment (NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC) but not so good in SavaJe phone….yet

Look also here in John O'Conner's blog posting about what people are saying about the SavaJe cell phone.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Upgrade my fedora 4 server and postfix (my mail server) didn’t work anymore

I found this information about How do I keep Fedora systems updated , I thought so easy to upgrade my server. I have to that now (20.30 pm) !!!
To start a full system update from the command-line, enter the following at the prompt:
su -c 'yum update'

Every thing looks ok, but my mail server (postfix) didn’t start!!
Shit ! Shit! Why did I upgrade my server now I thought, I have not time with this now!?
How important is it to have a mail server?
I should say VERY IMPORTANT!

I spend some hours try to figure out what was wrong and got some help from my friend Hansi, he I found this error in the log file:
Postfix: /etc/aliases.db: Permission denied

Now with help from Google I was able to solve it, I found this information about this problem after latest "yum update", postfix doesn't start
As root, from the command-line, enter the following at the prompt:
fixfiles restore
This will take a while. Then restart service postfix or reboot the machine.

Now it works!
What did we do before Google?
Hansi, thanks very much for your help!!