Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At JavaOne you are able to Purchase your SavaJe-based Jasper S20 phone

Read this on 2006 JavaOne Conference Homepage: JavaOne Conference Show Device--SavaJe-Based Jasper S20

Conference attendees have the opportunity to purchase the GSPDA Jasper--the first commercial handset to run all applications in Java technology. Purchase your SavaJe-based Jasper S20 phone and stop by the SavaJe booth to get your NetBeans CDC SDK. Get your hands on a SavaJe phone now, and be one of the first to develop advanced mobile graphic applications!

I wrote earlier about savaJe in my blog: Another Next Generation Java phone solution, SavaJe

I hope it work in Sweden, a very interesting solution!!

More information in a blog:

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Lukas said...

I saw a SavaJe phone on Monday. It looks fine. The first start is a little bit slower that on my CX65... Look forward to J1 ;)

Thank you for keeping us informed about all the published news. I didn't know that they've already informed about this cooperation.