Saturday, February 17, 2007

my favorite apps for my Nokia E61 phone

I haven't really understand how many great applications you are able to download and install on a Nokia E61 phone (many times they are also for free). I have wifi at home, this is really great (Nokia E61 support wifi), because of that I use my phone more often than before (I don't have to start up my pc - I use my phone instead)

I have install these applications on my Nokia E61 phone:
- gmail, read more here.
I think it is the best JavaME application ever!
I forward all my E-mail to my gmail account and because of that I am able to read all my old Email from the phone, It is really great application!
- Nokia Mobile search
Free Nokia application, search from the phone
- Search (a local search application), download from here.
This is really great, I now able to search locally data stored in my phone
- Adobe Reader
- Opera mini
- Google Maps
- Screenshot for Symbian OS (S60)
sometimes you need to take a screenshot, this application help you
- smart2go, read more here.
The free software Nokia ship with the Nokia E90 phone

I haven't installed these applications yet, but I will later test them also:
- fring, read more here.
- Windows Live search for Mobile, read more here.
- Push email and SyncML with open source Java ME project, read more here
- Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0, read more here.

What application is missing?
Well I would like to have skype on my phone!

Read Tommi's S60 applications Blog about Shortlist of interesting S60 add-on stuff


Ken said...

Quick question, do Java apps have to be signed to install on the E61? I'd like to get one but if I can't write my own home-brew type MIDlets then it's not really worth it.

Ken Walker

Ove Nordström said...

Java Apps don't have to be signed to install on the E61.