Saturday, October 27, 2007

No support for Java 6 in Leopard

I feel very disappointed about that Apple have not add support for Java 6 in Leopard!!

I have plan to buy me a new Apple laptop (after Apple have release Leopard) but now I don't know any longer. Perhaps I will go for a linux laptop instead??

What laptop should I buy?
What linux OS should I go fore?
(Ubuntu, Suse10)
Or perhaps solaris (look like James Gosling think it better choise)?
What do you think is the best solution for a Java developer?

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Mats Henricson said...


I was never really tempted on a Mac, since it wasn't open source. Today I have a successful installation of Ubuntu 7.10 on an LG LW25 laptop. It is a nice 13" 1280x800 pixel laptop at approx 1.9 kg. It has a Core2Duo processor, 2 GB RAM and Intel chipsets all the way. Works great!

Steinar Eliassen said...

All developers using OSX in our company was extreamly disappointed when we learned that Java 1.6 did not come with Leopard. We need it for our project, and we have been eagerly awaiting running the development environment without tweaking it to fit an older Glassfish installation.

Now, we are regretting getting the MacBook Pro. It is sad, since it is a wonderful OS, lets us focus on work, not fight configuration & geeky IU (as Linux has), not experience the bug hell of the horrid Microsoft Vista (or even XP).

My solution now is to run Linux under VMware in OSX. Thanks to spaces, it works quite well. But of course, unless Apples attitude change, we are not getting any new MacBooks. How many potential customers Apple loose on this, I wonder.

I do not really regret getting a Mac, since the combination OSX/Linux works WAY better than Vista would for me, and I need to run applications that only exists on OSX / Windows, so pure Linux is not an option for me... But the attitude shown towards Java makes it feel like biting a sour Apple.

Khaled said...

Good news for Java community:
Landon Fuller has recently released an Open JDK 1.6 port for Leopard check out the following link for download and more information: