Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today I am happy, my Nokia N810 has arrived!

Yesterday I got my Nokia N810.
I am really impressed about it, it was better than I thought!
I think the keyboard is really great, it will help me a lot in my work!
The skype support is also very good, very very good voice quality.

I have used it on meeting during the entire day and it works very well, no more notes on paper.
It was also very nice sitting on the bus on my way home from my work and writing this, saves a lot of time.

At next JavaOne I will also be able to leave my laptop at home and only bring my mobile phone and my Nokia n810.

I think this is the future! People will work more from different small devices and always be connected to internet.

It was also very easy to install and update new program and OS on it. Yesterday I first installed the first official update of OS2008 for Nokia N810 (version 2.2007.50-2)
It was very easy to do with the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard

I have also installed more memory (more is better), I have bought me a 8GB SanDisk microSDHC and put it in a micro-to-miniSDHC adapter.

As I am JavaME developer I plan to install JavaME on it.
I plan to add support for phoneME Advanced, it look like it will be possible, look here.

I have asked about the status of the port of JavaME for Nokia N810 in the phoneME Advanced forum, look here.

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