Sunday, April 13, 2008

JavaFX Mobile at JavaOne2008?

I can't find any sessions about JavaFX Mobile at this JavaOne 2008!!
Session TS-7051, "JavaFX(tm) Mobile Platform Architecture and APIs", has been cancelled.


bardu said...

I was really looking forward for that session. For almost a year there are no concrete information about that technology available.

It looks to me that JavaFX Mobile is another dead-end road.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there have been nothing new since F3 demo from the last year, really.
I've been on Sun Tech Days three weeks ago (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) :)

Anonymous said...
Hans Muller is the guy.

johnny said...

Is JavaFX dead? I was just introduced to it. Searched "javafx dead" and found your site. what's it's future?

Ove Nordström said...

No not dead yet.., at this JavaOne Sun talked about something ready to next summer 2009. This year's JavaOne2008 there was nothing about JavaFX Mobile. I believe Sun think it is to early, we have to wait and see.