Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The future for Java on mobile devices?

I read a very interesting blog post by Gorkem Ercan, Will Java have a place in the future of mobile devices?
It has for a long time been very hard to understand the future for Java in Mobile devices.
We have now have JavaME/MIDP2.0, Android, eRCP and soon also JavaFX Mobile & JavaME/MIDP 3.0. Different companies all the time make new decisions about the future, like Google & Motorola did with Android and Nokia some years ago talk a lot about eRCP, but nothing have happen so far, no support for eRCP on Nokia's S60 platform.

For me as a architect/developer in the mobility area it is now very hard to decide what I should learn more about. I can't learn all different technique/language, I also have to help my customers to make good choises for the future (I work as Java Consultant)

I really hope that all different important companies in the mobility Java area (Sun, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola ) understand that they have to do something about this mess in the mobility area.

I now would like to see more agreements between companies about the future for Java on mobile devices!! I would like to see a plan for the future, like next year Nokia release devices with support for.....

I have now arrive to Malmö, Sweden and tomorrow the Øredev conference will start here in Malmö, Sweden. I look forward to hear more about mobility and Java in mobile devices, it was also nice with short journey as a change, it was only 5 hours with train from Stockholm (were I live).
If anyone wants to meet there, feel free to contact me.
emails: ove@ojn.se

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