Thursday, January 22, 2009

Java Mobility Roadmap

Nice a Java mobility roadmap from Sun at the Mobile Media and eMbedded Developer Days !
(see slide 13), It is also very nice with a Free, live broadcast / Thanks for that !!!!

PhoneME Feature:
  • Q1-2009 MR4 (MSA1.1)
  • Q4-2009 MR5
PhoneME Advanced:
  • Q3-2009 MR3
JavaME SDK 3.0:
  • Q1-2009
JavaFX Mobile:
  • Q1-2009
MIDP 3.0 (project home):
  • Q1/Q2-2009
MSA2.0 (read more here):
  • Q3-2009
Mobile browser API for JavaME (JSR-290):
  • Q2-2009
JavaCard 3.0 (from JavaCard 3.0 session)
  • Q2-2009 Reference Implementation


Charles-Philip Bentley said...

are they fixing the signing mess?

Ove Nordström said...

I don't know, the MIDP3.0 specification is in Public Review, but it is so OLD (from December 2008). They have perhaps change a lot since then.