Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Nokia release a new Maemo device

Yesterday I used my Nokia N810 when I was driving with my car (as gps navigator), I was suprised when I suddenly realize how much I love this the Open Source Maemo platform, I plan to start to develop more for this platform.
The hardware is also very nice 4 inch screen and a keyboard.
I hope Nokia will release a new Maemo device soon!
I will surly buy a new one!

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ChiaOwl said...

I just recently bought "Nate" - or N8 for short - my N810. It is my first experience with maemo, or any other kind of linux. But it makes me wish I could develop. I absolutely LOVE N8, and I am enjoying what I am learning (not enough, and not quickly enough, it seems!) about maemo. But I can understand, definitely, even though I'm not a developer, what you mean :).