Monday, August 31, 2009

JavaME and Maemo 5

It look like Nokia (or Sun) is not interested in Java on the Nokia Nxxx devices (Maemo).
There is still no support for JavaME in the Maemo-platform?
I would like to have the same JavaME support out off box for the Maemo platform as for the Nokia's Symbian platform.

Oh yes I know that the phoneME project has a JavaME/CDC runtime for N800, phoneme_advanced (but this is a release that came about back in early 2007). This off course is better than nothing, but it is not support for JavaME/CLDC/MIDP.

I think it very strange from Nokia to ship the N900 without support for JavaME. (like Apple did with the iPhone and Google did with Android), I understand that decent J2ME implementations are closed source and cost money for Nokia but there are a lot of JavaME applications and JavaME-developers in the world.

I really love the Maemo platform and I also plan to buy the new Nokia N900 phone.
I also plan to learn Qt and WRT (I have already started as a matter of fact), but all different mobile platforms give us mobile developers headache, it is to much to learn and support.

Maemo is the future for Nokia, but what is the future for JavaME?
There is today no support for JavaME in IPhone, Palm Pre and Maemo.
This is a huge problem for Sun I believe.
What do you think?

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Josef said...

I agree.
Sun/Oracle need to get Java ME on the new mobile platforms.

But the new mobile platforms also need to allow development with attractive, cross-platform environments. Learning APIs for each different vendor is not feasible for smaller developers, and producing for a single mobile platform is very limiting and risky for the customers/users, as they have no guarantees as to how long the company(ies) behind the given platform will keep producing good devices that satisfy their needs.

So please Nokia, give full JavaME support to the Maemo platform a.s.a.p. (and why not JavaSE?).