Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I hope more Companies will show up at JavaOne 2006!

JavaOne 2006 comes closer and closer. I will go as usually, this will be my six Java conference! I feel I must go every year, I think the JavaOne conference is great!!!

What do I expect from this JavaOne? Of course learn more about Java EE 5, J2ME/MIDP 3.0, MSA for CLDC(JSR-248), MSA for CDC(JSR-249), Mobile Operational Management (JSR-232), SATSA(JSR-177) and also meet companies that supports Java with tools, Java devices Java EE AS and other Java things.

I hope at this year JavaOne 2006 we will se more companies in the conference Pavilion!! Last year at JavaOne 2005 in the conference Pavilion some big companies was missing like Borland, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Apple and IBM. HP vas there but I didn’t found any information about Pocket PC and Java, this is really bad.

A company like Nokia is really committed to support Java and they also show it for us developer at JavaOne in the conference Pavilion, that’s really great!

I have stop buying devices that not have Java support, no more PALM devices for me….if they start to support it again, I perhaps will change my mind.

I hope Nokia will release more PDA devices in the future, I would like to through a way my old Palm Tungsten T and replace it with a modern Java PDA device. I think Nokias S60 platform look great with support for J2ME/CDC 1.1 during 2006. That is kind of device I would like to buy, I hope they release it soon!!

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