Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We get better GUI support because of Java Me / Personal profile 1.1 (JSR-216)

The main reason for version 1.1 of Personal Profile is to be able to use future CDC optional packages (derived from J2SE 1.4 instead of J2SE 1.3).
For example, the new Advanced Graphics and UI (AGUI) Optional Package for J2ME (JSR-209) is a good example.

The UI toolkit AGUI (JSR-209), is a subset of Swing for CDC, JSR-209 is in status “Proposed Final Draft”, so it not far away.

Ok, now we have a new specification for Personal Profile, but will there be companies that support it?
We need devices and tools!!
Personal Profile 1.0 had no success in this area!
You can read things like Sun - Get you finger out! We NEED a Java Handheld / VM and Open letter to SUN to produce a JRE for Pocket PC

I hope company like SonyErcisson, HP, Nokia, Palm, DELL will start produce devices, with support for Personal profile 1.1, but this is not enough you also need support for JSR-249 (Mobile Service Architecture Advanced).

I also think we need a good Open Source tool for the Personal Profile 1.1 platform!!
I hope there will be a Netbean version for the Personal Profile 1.1 platform, Netbeans is now my favorite tool for the Java ME/MIDP 2.0 platform, it is really great!!

I think it is now time for success for the Java ME/Personal Profile platform!!!
You can read this about specification for JSR-216:
Personal Profile 1.0 was derived from the J2SE 1.3.1 API specification. Since that time, J2SE 1.4 has provided a number of feature improvements and specification fixes. Personal Profile 1.1 will be derived from J2SE 1.4 and will thus reflect the most up-to-date API versions.
In addition, future CDC optional packages are likely to be derived from J2SE 1.4, and it is important for the platform receiving these optional packages (in this case, Personal Profile) to match the API version of the optional package for the sake of application compatibility and developer familiarity.For example, the Advanced Graphics and UI (AGUI) Optional Package for J2ME (JSR-209) is based on J2SE 1.4 APIs, and will require an underlying AWT infrastructure that is also based on the 1.4 design. Personal Profile 1.1 will provide the necessary support for JSR-209. Note, however, that this support is not expected to result in significant footprint increases or APIs that are unusable in the absence of JSR-209.

update: I found in this blog: What will be in next version of Mobility Pack?:
  • Mobility Pack team will focus on the 6.0 release
  • There will be support for Mobility Pack for CDC - it will be separated pack. It will provide support for CDC/PP. Exact plans when it will be available aren't published yet.
  • NetBeans Mobility for CDC is listed on agenda for Mobility Pack Day at Harrah's, Las Vegas.
  • You can use the Matisse for the CDC/PP development


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Lukas said...

The NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC is available for download.

Download NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0