Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My experience with the SavaJe phone I bought at JavaOne 2006

I bought the phone at JavaOne. I thought it would be nice to have a cell phone that supports Java ME CDC and JSR-209 and of course because it was the first Java phone.

I was surprised I was able to make phone call at JavaOne (what could you expect with a developer edition).

The performance is not so good, I sync my addresses from outlook (560 addresses) and it takes a while when you try to open Phonebook in the phone now.

I haven’t stopped using my Nokia phone yet (Nokia 3230), I wait till the SavaJe phone is more stable. For me as a developer it is an ok phone, I have waiting years for JavaME/CDC phones.

I think the challenge for SavaJe now is to have good support for this phone and support the developer with new builds of the SavaJe platform.

Well I have started to develop a application using JSR-209 and works well in the developer environment (NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC) but not so good in SavaJe phone….yet

Look also here in John O'Conner's blog posting about what people are saying about the SavaJe cell phone.

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