Friday, March 23, 2007

eRCP and Nokia E90

I found some interesting things in this presentation eRCP - Ready for prime time! by Gorkem Ercan (Nokia), Mark Rogalski (IBM) from the conference EclipseCon 2007:
  • eRCP as a post-installed add-on software
    component to Nokia E90!!!!
  • Release plan for eRCP: Release 1.0.2 April 2007, Release 1.1 July 2007
  • eRCP Release 1.1: Nokia S60, WinCE
Download the presentation here.

I already thought the Nokia E90 was great but now I also understand that Nokia E90 will also support JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 & eRCP1.1 but as a post-installed add-on software!!!!

Read more about eRCP 1.1 draft project plan at the eRCP project site.

Anyone know more about this?
Please tell me!!

Anyway I think I will get more information about this at JavaOne 2007!!
(Nokia is Gold Cosponsors, but IBM???)
It is now only 45 days left to JavaOne!!

But there is no technical session or BOF about eRCP at this JavaOne??
Strange? why?
Here is the whole content catalog for JavaME at JavaOne2007

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Anonymous said...

Here is the Lotus Expeditor 6.1.1 publication which documents the early support for the E90.