Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new Nokia official Podcast

Interesting, Nokia has started offering official podcasts, I find this podcast very interesting!

They talked about how important it is for Nokia Research Center to worked more open and together with other companies and university and how important it is with standards and Open Source.

I have earlier wondering why Nokia S40 platform support JavaME faster and bettter compared with the Nokia S60 platform. In this postcast Nokia explained it "Nokia S40 is a more closed platform and really need JavaME, but for the Nokia S60 you also have c++". But I think this is wrong, JavaME is also really needed for the S60 platform, if you would like to develop enterprise applications you need high end devices (S60) and of course really good support for JavaME.

If you want to subscribe, here is the XML feed for your podcasting client.

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