Monday, May 28, 2007

JSR-232, JSR-249 and Nokia E90

At this JavaOne I went on a session called Advanced Mobile Service Architecture Based on JSR 232 (TS-50695), I think this session was very interesting, perhaps the most interesting session at JavaOne 2007!

This session is about next generation JavaME, based on JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 and JSR 232 Mobile Operational Management.

Now there is also a article based on this session:
Is OSGi the Solution for Mobile Java?

I like this:
  • Most importantly, the developer doesn't need to wait for the Java Community Process or device manufacturers to bring these components to the handset: once wrapped into an OSGi bundle they can be installed to the device over the air and registered as a service, much like an Eclipse plugin is installed via Update Manager.

I cant wait until I get this upcoming Nokia E90 handset and little later also this post-installed add-on software with OSGi and eRCP.

I think JSR-249, Advanced Mobile Service Architecture will be a very important JSR, perhaps also more important than the upcoming JSR-271, MIDP 3.0 I believe.
I hope it don't take to long time before JSR-249 is finish.

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