Saturday, November 24, 2007

great to be JavaME developer

It looks very nice all new Java features of Nokia's S60 3rd Ed. fp 2

Because of Nokia's new S60 Java VM, we will get:
  • better performance for JavaME applications
  • possibility to dynamically extend the virtual machine with new APIs.
S60 3rd Ed. fp2 also will add support for:
  • MIDP 2.1
  • subset of JSR-248
  • eSWT
  • and lot more .......
Great improvements Nokia!



Axxies said...

Actually I think that "a subset of JSR-248" is quite worrying. I mean, the notion of MSA (JSR-248) is to have a platform, THE platform, that is supported as a whole or not (the only conditional spec of JSR-248 is JSR-82 and that is quite natural as some phones might not have support for Bluetooth built in).
Creating a subset of JSR-248 (if this subset is something else but JSR-248 minus JSR-82) is like destroying the ideas behind having the spec as a whole. Is this an intention by Nokia? I just wonder...

Aleksi Uotila said...

The current JSR 248 spec defines two variants called subset and full MSA (aka fullset). S60 3rd ed fp is implementing _the_ subset defined in the spec. Also practically all S60 devices have BT so that API is in all devices (of course in theory there may be somebody creating a S60 product without BT...). In most platform implementations the subset platform comes first and then the full MSA. MSA spec defines subset for devices with limited resources but in practise its mainly just the implementation roadmap: e.g. the S60 devices are currently capable of hosting the full set but doing the fullset API implementations takes more time.

MapNaver said...

The main question about all Nokia phones with Symbian is still file access from JavaME. It lacks of correctly overrided method skip() on file inputstream so application can't move to next 10Mb of data in file while others like SE can do it perfectly. It greatly restrain usage of Nokia S60 platform from JavaME.