Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time to move to a Mac

I finally found a new laptop that I hope will help me to work more mobile. My new laptop arrived yesterday and it is a Macbook Air from Apple. I thought it’s was time for a change, I will now go for Leopard instead of windows XP.

I used to be a Apple fan some years ago, 1986 I bought me my first apple computer, it was a Macintosh plus. At that time I think Apple really was far away from other companies, but time changes and suddenly Microsoft have made progress and made windows 3.11 and later also windows 95/98 and it was not so bad products.

Later Apple did something really great when they move to a new Mac OS based on linux instead, now they able to produce great products again and I must say "Macbook Air is really thin"!
I love it!


Mats Henricson said...

OS X is not based on Linux, it is based on FreeBSD. And it is NOT open source. Apple is just the wrong way to go if you value open source. Pick up Ubuntu instead - a truly free OS.

Ove Nordström said...

I agree that Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD, but I don't really know the different between linux and FreeBSD?

I also agree that ubuntu is a great platform (I have run ubuntu some years now on a old laptop).

For me the different is the hardware, I get a better OS and a better laptop if I go for Mac OS X instead of Ubuntu. This because Apple produce both the hardware and OS.