Friday, March 14, 2008

what is missing about JavaME at Next JavaOne 2008?

It is soon time for JavaOne and I always feel "I must go" and I will go also this year!
I think JavaOne is about; go to a lot of interesting Java sessions/BOF, meting a lot of new Java people and also discover a lot of new Java products in the JavaOne Pavilion.

Some weeks ago The JavaOne Content Catalog (for javaME) is online and I was thinking "what subject is missing in javaME area at this JavaOne?"
I would like for example to hear more about Android, eRCP (eSWT), MIDP3.0, but What do you think is missing?


bardu said...

Maybe I missed something, but I would like to see:

- JavaFX Mobile: What will it be? Not just, sorry, silly examples like on OpenJFX!!!

- JME on iPhone

- JME on Android

- and most of all: How can we get Java ME apps, with a single certificate, working on all networks?


Bruno Ghisi said...

Java ME on iPhone and Android will be there:

I would love to see more around FX Mobile as well.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see technology that is actually possible today, to be used and marketed to today's consumer.

I would like "How to's" on the tough stuff in a real-world environment, and not just how to make your IDE almost emulate the real-world, except for those major hurdles of getting the operator to allow your product on their network without paying excessive fees.

What is coming in 2010 is of interest to me, but technical sessions on it could wait till JavaOne 09.