Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stroke of lightning, hard to be mobile

At least vacation, time for 5 weeks holiday!
Me and my family are now at a little island called Åland (placed between Sweden and Finland). We rent a little nice house at Eckerö.

I always try to test new devices on the road. This time I bring with me: a SonyEricsson G900, a Nokia N810, a Nokia E61 and also my Macbook Air. Perhaps you wondering why I have to bring two mobile phones? My G900 is my small always used mobile phone, my E61 is my perfect Email device, thats thanks to Nokia Email (push out Email from my Google's Gmail account). My N810 I use for writing in my Google blog (thanks to the perfect software called MaemoWordPy) and I also use it for gps navigation in my car. My Macbook air I use for transfer pictures from my Camera, but I think it is to big for this type of travel, I plan to perhaps buy me a Asus EEE PC 901 instead.

But bad times happen (why now?), yesterday at home a stroke of lightning destoy my router and also my ADSL modem, now I don't get any Email any more and my web site don't work any longer.
Also today my wayfinder software at my N810 suddently became corrupt and navigation don't work any longer either. I had to go back to manually navigation, a paper map and my wife, she always does a good work. :-)

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