Friday, September 17, 2010

Nokia Developer Summit 2010; Recap Technical Stream

I thought I ought to sum up the Nokia Developer Summit 2010 conference.

Overall the conference was a not so good this time if you compare with Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco.
I think the combination with Nokia World what not so good from a developers view, I would like to have technical keynote instead.

I like the technical session and hands-on lab, but they started to late every day, 10.30 to 17.00. The result was only 2 half days but with new interesting stuff.

I also would like to hear more about MeeGo and what is coming but Nokia choose to not speak about it at all.
Very very strange!!!!
I am very disappointed about that

Some of the hot mobility topics at this Nokia Developer Summit:
  • Nokia told us that: Nokia N8 is very important for Nokia because this is the first Nokia device launched with Qt installed
  • Every developer at Nokia developer Summit conference got a new Nokia N8 :-)
  • Qt Quick is the future for building UI for Meego, Maemo and Symbian^4
  • Next release of Maemo will support Qt 4.7 and Qt Quick
  • I plan to learn more about Qt and WRT, it will be important in the future for mobile application development for the Symbian^3, Symbian^4 and the MeeGo platform.
  • Nokia will continue to support JavaME and thats great I think, but Nokia talked more about Qt at this conference.
  • Developers are now more important for Nokia, thats great I think!!
I am looking forward to a next Nokia Developer Summit, but only if it is like in Monaco.

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