Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nokia World 2011; Recap

I thought I ought to sum up the Nokia World 2011 conference.

Overall the conference was a not so good this time if you compare with Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco or the last years Nokia World 2010 & Nokia Developer Summit 2010. It was not so much for developer at all, but any way I took the opportunity to go on the only developer training course at this event "Nokia with windows phone training", I think it was interesting to learn more about that platform but I want more!, more more about developing for all Nokia's different platform like Symbian/MeeGo/Qt/JavaME.

I think the Nokia World is a very interesting event to go to any way, it is a pity that Nokia does not offer something for Qt developers?! I found one very interesting news about Qt, in the last session Mr. Elop said "Qt is our primary vehicle to reach the next billion" — I must say, this is very very interesting!" I would like to hear more about this in the future!

I also would like to hear more about MeeGo and if/what is coming in the future, but Nokia choose to not speak about it at all. I found it very very strange, when Nokia as a matter of fact have release this big sale success, the Nokia N9. I am very disappointed about that!

- I was thinking Qt Developer Days would perhaps have been better event to go on, instead of NokiaWorld.
- Overall the conference was not a good one, not for a Qt/developer. Sadly I left it with a disappointed feeling. The good thing was a updated address book with those new contacts and new friends.
- I took the opportunity to go on the only training course "Nokia with windows phone training", it was interesting to learn more about that platform, so it was good thing, but I not sure if Nokia will convince so many Qt/Java developer to start develop for this platform, I think they more likely will go for Android.
- I still plan to learn more about Qt, it look like it will be important in the future for mobile application development for the Symbian, MeeGo and "the next billion(S40/linux)" platform (rumours says that).
- I have also decided to start learning Android development, the main reason for that is "I really don't think I could trust Nokia any longer, perhaps will they also change there mind again about Qt? and I don't think Qt developers are so important for Nokia any longer!"
- I don't understand who want to buy a Nokia Lumia 800 when you have Nokia N9? I am serious about this issue? I will at least buy me a Nokia N9 that's for sure!

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