Friday, November 04, 2011

I have a great device, the Nokia N9 MeeGo/Harmattan

I have now bought the N9 and I am planning to keep it for the next few years. I hope Nokia announces something new for MeeGo/Harmattan or Meltemi that I can move on to after the N9 or Apple will be taking my money. Windows Phone is not an option for me.

I prefer N9 compare with Nokia Lumia 800, because N9 have NFC and front facing camera. And, being Linux-based, can run Android apps (I only hope the software will be released, but I don't know?). N9 is also the true Open Source phone, with a open source development tool, Qt/c++.

Listen to your customers Nokia. Let them decide which one they prefer by making both available (N9 & Lumia 800) in the market. I really love the N9 phone, I have only had for some days but think it is so great!
I have also manage to synchronize all the calendars from google, I found this instructions HowTo to synchronize all the calendars from google to the Nokia N9, many Thanks!!

The last phone I loved was Nokia N900, I have waiting two years for the next step, the N9!
Now I will start developing some great apps for the phone!!

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