Saturday, May 20, 2006

Report from the NetBeans Software and JavaOne2006 conference in San Francisco

I join the NetBeans Software Day at the 2006 JavaOne Conference and JavaOne conference.
Some interesting things from those events:
- I got one SavaJe phone!!, now I can start using Java ME/CDC1.1 and the new AGUI toolkit (JSR-209).
- There is also a new releases of Netbeans that support the SavaJe phone called NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC Preview.
- Sun announced that Jboss now have also join Netbeans
- Netbeans 5.5 beta with support for Java EE 5.0 is released.
- Netbeans subversion beta is released, it look very nice in the demo.
- There was a demo of the Jackpot module, the module adds the capability to reengineer Java source code. You are also able to add new rules easy and share with others.
- Sun promote everyone to join JCP, I thought I should join JCP, but you couldn’t do that in the JavaOne pavilion, you have to download a pdf-file and sign it and then send it as a fax. Perhaps time to fix an easier solution and using Java for that?
- There was a demo of the NetBeans Enterprise Pack, you are then able to write SOA applications using XML, BPEL, and Java web services.
- Sun also continue to open source more things like: Sun Java Studio Creator, Sun Java System Portal Server, the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Engine and the NetBeans Enterprise Pack, as well as Sun's Java Message System (JMS)-based message queue and Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT). Everything moves into the Netbeans platform, I think it is a good strategy and the Netbeans platform getting stronger!!
- MSA for CLDC (JSR-248) became in Proposed Final Draft during JavaOne, they planned to have it final in august, we will see devices with support for that during 2006Q4/2007Q1. One change was support to run on top of Java ME/CDC1.1, the reason for that was to make it easier to migrate to MSA for CDC JSR-249 when it is ready. JSR-249 first public release plans to be released 2006Q4. MSA plans in the future to be upgrade every 18 months. One other change in JSR-248 was that there will be a will two versions of the MSA, one with a subset and one with whole MSA , read more about it here at C. Enrique Ortiz' Mobility Weblog.
- The new AGUI toolkit (JSR-209) planned to be final in august.
- Sun also released a Sun Java Toolkit for CDC, Early Access, it is like what Sun Java Wireless toolkit is for CLDC, the toolkit includes the emulation environments, documentation.
- In Nokia booth they demo next release of Carbide.j, version 1.5 that will support remote debugging on the phones. It look nice and it is very good to have.

to be continued …..

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