Monday, May 08, 2006

We need JSR-249, JSR-232 and JSR-246 now!!

I think it is now time for success for the Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Profile platform1.1!!!

But we need tools and devices for the Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Profile platform1.1 to get this success.
So far Java ME/CDC1.0/Personal Profile 1.0 had no success in this area!
You can read things like Sun - Get you finger out! We NEED a Java Handheld / VM and Open letter to SUN to produce a JRE for Pocket PC

But a month ago the NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC appeared!!
Netbeans was already is my favorite tool for the Java ME/MIDP 2.0 platform and now they also support Java ME/PP1.1 platform. I think now Netbeans is the best Java tool for mobility developing and it is also free!!

During 2007 I hope company like SonyErcisson, HP, Nokia, Palm, DELL will start produce more devices, with support for Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal profile 1.1 platform.

But support for Java ME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 is not enough for to get this success for the Java ME/Personal Profile platform. I think devices also need to support JSR-249 (Mobile Service Architecture Advanced) , JSR-232 (Mobile Operational Management) and JSR-246 (Device Management API).

JSR-249 provides guidelines to integrate J2ME JSRs in a uniform and predictable arrangement that is customized specifically for the advanced mobile handset. It will issue clarifications on certain components if necessary and will aim at reducing the number of available options.

It should also be possible to managed devices remotely with a modular architecture that enables extensibility after manufacturing. Push out new Java application, databases, OS updates and Java updates. In case of lost of device, lock the device remotely. It should also be possible to administration of users remotely.
All major mobile phone manufacturers worked together in order to define a 'Mobile Operational Management' concept (JSR-232). The OSGi Service Platform and the OMA DM (JSR-246) specifications provide the basis for building this standard for end-to-end management of CDC-enabled mobile handsets.

But JSR-249, JSR-232 and JSR-246 are not final yet, I hope they can speed up the process to get all these important JSR in a final stage. This is really important!!
I hope to hear news about that during JavaOne 2006 and it is now close to the 2006 JavaOne Conference!!! :-)

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