Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sun is open-sourcing Java ME, but what will be the benefit?

In the keynote at last JavaOne, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Senior Vice President Rich Green.Schwartz told us “the question is not whether Sun will open-source Java at this time, but how it will do it”.

I thought at that time it will take years before Java will be Open Source, but it was wrong!

Now I read things like Sun is open-sourcing Java ME, More info available here.

Open Source Java they have spoke about for years now.
But what will be the benefit? I don’t now?

>Sun Microsystems plans to open source its implementation of the Java ME specification
What will the benefit for me as a developer?
Perhaps it means better Java support on more devices like the Palm and PocketPC platform?

What do you think will be the benefit with open-sourcing Java ME?

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