Thursday, August 17, 2006

We need to do projects better!

I read James Gosling’s interesting blog about boiling oceans.

James says:
“my favorite principles of engineering that is all-too-often forgotten:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
At Sun we use the term "boiling oceans" to refer to trying to do something impossibly hard all at once”

“Engineering projects too often fall into the trap of over-generalizing, trying to solve problems that folks might conceivably have, building things so large and elaborate on day 1 that they never get off the ground. It is always better to start with a first step. Then a second. And on...”

I really agree about this!
I think it is really funny how often this happen, new project start up and have to big scope. It is like people/companies newer learn the lesson and we end up with crashed projects and a lot of money spend.

I think every company need some easy rules, like:
1) Newer have a project that is longer than 6 month
2) Shit in --> shit out (we starting often develop to early), have look on this picture, I like it!
3) Some people/comany think: If we using RUP or Agile, then it is impossible to make mistakes.
4) But it is people’s competence/experience in a project that makes the success”.
I don’t think everyone in a project have to be an expert, we need beginners also but not only beginners.

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Björn C said...

Funny picture. I have printed it and sticket it to the door of my room.