Tuesday, August 29, 2006

GUI toolkit for Java ME/ CDC devices

During 2007 there will come more devices supporting Java ME/CDC1.1
My question is, what will new devices support, eSWT or/and AGUI?
(IBM:s j9 will of course support eSWT, but AGUI?)

Sun and Netbeans will only support AGUI because eSWT is not a JCP standard or?
But if there will not be so many devices supporting AGUI (today only SavaJe phones support AGUI).
Nokia have talked about it for a long time that they will support next generation Java platform with eSWT
Remember Nokia is the biggest Mobile phone company!!
I also wondering what SonyEricsson and Motorola will support in the future , eSWT or AGUI?
I know SavaJe support AGUI (I bought a phone at last JavaOne).

I think we will have devices during 2007 supporting Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Basis Profile 1.1 profile with eSWT and other devices supporting Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Profile 1.1 with AGUI (like the SavaJe phone).But of course I would like companies (with eSWT support) like Nokia to support also Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Profile 1.1 with AGUI.

I am a little worried about if there will be a success for Java ME/CDC1.1 platform.
So far with Java ME/CDC1.0 there have not been so many devices to buy on the market.
I hope this will change with Java ME/CDC1.1!

JSR-249 does not include any GUI functions other than what’s in MIDP. I think that if it doesn't include a GUI (that is suitable for the hi-end device the JSR is targeted for) the whole JSR will miss its purpose. Personal Profile or at least Personal Basis Profile should be the obvious choice.
What do you think?

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Anders Borg said...

These are my hypotheses:

At least Personal Profile will be the basis for CDC implementations. Makes no sense with anything simpler (probably too simple even that).

Also, for 2007 CDC will likely only be supported by phones that also run Symbian OS etc, and the question is therefor how much impact CDC will get, as native applications will be faster, able to access more functionality, have better UI, etc. Custom-made corporate applications are likely to use CDC (many consultants are hooked on Java in general), but I doubt open-market applications will.

Just my 10 cents.