Thursday, September 21, 2006

AGUI(JSR-209) is finished, but don’t believe AGUI will have any success!!

Success for me means I can buy devices supporting AGUI and if look on the comments down you understand what I mean.

AGUI (JSR-000209 - Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package for the J2METM Platform) have passed the Final Approval Ballot

View the ballot results here:

Have a look these comments:
On 2006-09-18 Nokia Corporation voted Abstain with the following comment:
Nokia votes Abstain because we think the current specification does not take into account requirements of the mobile devices and is not suitable for them.
Firstly, the specification does not address use and integration with native UI toolkits well enough. Most mobile devices have a native UI toolkit used by native runtime and other runtimes and consistency between applications of different runtimes within the same device is essential.
Secondly, in its current form, the specification does not provide interoperability for look and feel modules to work across different independent implementations of the specification. The specification does not define many details accurately enough and a look and feel module needs to make assumptions that are valid possibly only on one particular implementation.
Thirdly, the specification does not adequately take into account mobile specific features and restrictions.
Even if these issues have been brought up in the EG several times the specification lead has chosen not to sufficiently address these. Therefore, in our opinion, this specification is not on a large scale suitable for mobile devices, such as mobile terminals.
On 2006-09-18 Ericsson AB voted Abstain with the following comment:
Ericsson would like to support any JSR going forward that also aim to bring innovation to JAva ME and the JCP. From an EC point of view there is also a need to maintain a viable/predictable evolution path for Java ME at large and currently a number of competing UI related JSRs, while still providing innovation and flexibility it may also prove to fragment the market. Ericsson would like to ask stakeholder of these JSRs to consider e.g. how JSR-209 fits in the big picture together with JSR-271, JSR-258, JSR-287 and JSR-290 etc. (to name a few examples). It should also be noted that JSR-209 may not be suitable for the "limited" part of the Java ME devices e.g. those having a native UI toolkit for speed and power effeciency etc.

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