Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now available: Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC, Beta

Now something I looking forward to next release of Netbeans, Netbeans 5,5 RC1

I have last week used 5.5 q-build 200609062200 of NB + q-build 20060907 of Mobility Pack for CLDC. It looks very nice for a mobility point of view!

What I have understood Netbeans CDC Beta2 should also be available together with 5.5 Release Candidate 1 on Tuesday October 3rd.

Now I have also found this information:
Sun have now released Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC!
Great news!

I am now prepared for Netbeans 5,5 RC1, Netbeans CLDC 5,5 RC1 and Netbeans CDC Beta2 when they release it today.
Sun is proud to announce the Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC, Beta has just been made available. With the toolkit comes the platform emulation environment that supports the Connected Device Configuration 1.1, Foundation Profile 1.1, Personal Basis Profile 1.1, and the recently completed Advanced Graphics User Interface 1.0. These technologies serve as the base for the CDC platform and support for developing applications on CDC are provided through the combination of NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC and the Sun Java Toolkit for CDC. We are looking for feedback on the tool, so have a go and try it out.
Downloads and information can be retrieved at:Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC, Betahttp://java.sun.com/products/cdctoolkit/overview.html
NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC Previewhttp://www.netbeans.org/kb/50/mobilitycdc.html
Thanks,Sun Java Toolkit for CDC Product Team

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