Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The future of JavaME is also about new hardware

I think the future of JavaME is not only about new Java API’s.
We now have got a lot of new Java API and also updated JavaME profile’s (MIDP2.0 and PP1.1). But I think hardware that support it is missing (but not so much for the MIDP 2.0 profile).

I would like to buy new cool hardware that also support Java, but I don’t find it!

I bought me a SavaJe phone at last JavaOne, because it support Java ME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 and AGUI. The phone was an ordinary phone, nothing to be excited about.

I hope Next Generation UMPC (Origami devices) called 'Vistagami' tablets will support JavaME/JavaSE?
I wondering if there will be a next generation of Nokia’s Internet tablet (Nokia 770)? (Nokia 770 is running on the linux platform (not symbian)).
I also read rumours about a new device (a phone) from Apple called iPhone, look interesting.

I think there will come a killer PDA/tablePC during 2007 (like Apple’s Ipod), which company will sell it? (Apple, DELL, SUN, Nokia, SonyEricsson…). I don’t now but I think the market is there now.
I hope this new device will support Java, so I also can write new cool Java applications to this device!

I have been talking with Maximiliano Firtman in his blog about The future of JavaME.

I wrote this:
I am not sure if devices like Nokia 770 and UMPC (Microsoft's Ultra Mobile PC) will run well if they only have support for JavaSE. I think JavaME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 is perfect for these small devices. The next problem is which company can supply a JVM for these devices? The PocketPC platform is a good example how difficult it has been to find a JVM for that kind of device. Perhaps now when SUN Open Source JavaME it will help us to get jvm’s for more hardware platforms?

I agree that JavaME/CLDC/MIDP is already available on many consumer cell phones.
No hardware problem here, only Java fragmentation problem!
So I agree MSA for CLDC (JSR-248) is something really good for us developers!
I look forward when we have devices that support JSR-248 (MSA for CLDC) and JSR-249 (MSA for CDC). But again there are no devices that support it yet!
We will have devices soon that support JSR-248, but for JSR-249 it will takes some time I believe, I hope it will be a faster process to agree about this JSR-249!

But it is different for JavaME/CDC/PP, I think JavaME/CDC has not yet hit its mark with smartphones and PDAs.
For JavaME/CDC/PP there are nearly no devices you can buy, for example how many Nokia devices have support for JavaME/CDC1.0/PP1.0? , not many phones and for JavaME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 there is no phone.

I also think that the JavaME/CDC1.0/PP1.0 implementation has not been so well so far.
You can often find frustrated developer telling you things like this:
Why are CDC implementations always so buggy?

But I think there will be a change during 2007, with more devices supporting JavaME/CDC1.1. But it look like the next generation GUI on wireless handsets is not settled yet (AGU or eSWT)
Because of that I think we will have devices during 2007 supporting Java ME/CDC1.1/FP 1.1 profile with eSWT and other devices supporting Java ME/CDC1.1/Personal Profile 1.1 with AGUI (like the SavaJe phone) and Java fragmentation problem again for the JavaME/CDC platform

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