Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the Apple iPhone must have Java

Apple have done it again!
Apple have announced a phone called iPhone!
  • iPhone runs OS X
  • Yahoo promise to push out mail!
It will be a success!

I think it would be great if iPhone have Java support!

It is a requests for the PhoneME Advanced project
  • Port of CDC/Personal Profile needed for the iPhone!


Anonymous said...

So it finally came out! We've heard rumours for some time... proved to be true after all.

Haven't checked out the Java support, but it should have it, all phones nowadays has it (need to). Read the spec but it doesn't say anything about any Java support.

Will Nokia and Sony Ericsson have a run for their money now?

Anonymous said...

Yet another one;
Teh iPhone is not eyt approved by the FCC ruels, i.e it is not allowed to be sold or leased and thus used in any mobile network.
Until we see this happen, well ... until then it is not very useful. But the design is very nice ...

Anonymous said...

Very nice work on the apple iphone