Friday, December 22, 2006

what about JavaME during 2007?

I read this post 10 Hot Technologies coming to Mobile Phones in 2007 and I was thinking "What are coming to Mobile phones during 2007, when we talking about JavaME?"?

I thought "first I will have a look on the JCP site", I found out that there are now 82 JavaME JSRs. There are old JSRs (already implemented in all phones), new final JSRs (but no devices support it yet) and also of course new JSRs that are not in final status.

I found these JSRs are in status "Early Draft Review":
JSR-287 (Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API 2.0 for JavaME), JSR-259 (Ad Hoc Networking API), JSR-266 (Unified Message Box Access API, UMBA-API), JSR-279 (Service Connection API for JavaME) and JSR-293 (Location API 2.0).

I found these JSRs are in status "Public Review":
JSR-278 (Resource Management API for JavaME), JSR-190 (Event Tracking API for JavaME), JSR-233 (JavaEE Mobile Device Management and Monitoring Specification), JSR-272 (Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals) and JSR-280 (XML API for JavaME).

I found these JSRs are in status "Proposed Final Draft":
JSR-230 (Data Sync API), JSR-248(MSA for CLDC) and JSR-258 (Mobile User Interface Customization API).
Proposed Final means "These draft Specifications are awaiting completion of the associated Reference Implementation (RI) and Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)."

There are also JSRs in status "Final", but no phone support it yet, like JSRs:
JSR-232 (Mobile Operational mangement) and JSR-209 (Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package, AGUI).

JSR-249 (MSA Advanced) and JSR-271 (MIDP 3.0) are also very interesting but there is no draft yet.

Every JSR have a schedule but I think the schedule on the JCP site is a joke. There are no updates about changes in the schedule and because of that you don't get a clue about when the JSR is really final!

Then I thought "What more could be interesting outside JCP"?
There is a Eclipse project for JavaME called Device Software Development Platform Project, I think a lot good stuff will coming out from this Eclipse project!

Netbeans (my favorite tool!) have recently released support for JavaME/CDC in a product called Netbeans Mobility Pack for CDC5.5 RC1, I think it is great and I hope there will come devices supporting AGUI soon.

I think one of the most important thing for the future of JavaME is that now is JavaME OpenSource. Because of that I think there will more devices in future supporting JavaME and also a more faster process for implement new JSRs in new devices!

I am looking forward for 2007 and JavaME!
It is also now only 136 days to next JavaOne 2007 with lot of news about JavaME!!

2 minutes after I publish my post I got a Email from JCP:
The Expert Group for JSR-000248 Mobile Service Architecture
has completed its work and published the Final Release of the specification.
Great News!

1 day later I got this:
The Early Draft Review Specification for JSR-000271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3
is now available for Review from the list of Early Draft Reviews page and also the JSR 271 detail page
Earlier than I thought!

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