Wednesday, May 09, 2007

JavaOne had now started

First day of JavaOne.
Some interesting things:
  • The SavaJe software will be OpenSource
  • Ericsson have a new partnership with Sun about Open Source IMS
  • Open Source JDK is now finished, new site launched:
  • JavaFX Mobile announced,
  • Sun had a demo on the SavaJe phone and Nokia N800 running JavaME/CDC
  • JRE gets bigger and bigger, because of that there will be a consumer release of JRE in Q1 2008
  • JMaki ( and Phobos ( for scripting, fully supported in Netbeans
It is funny device manufactures didn't know about JavaFX when I asked about it in the JavaOne Pavilion?!
To me it look like SUN invent things like JavaFX Mobile without talking with device manufactures like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. It could end up with devices not supporting all these new things Sun talks about at JavaOne

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Lukas said...

don't ask me about JavaFX. It has been so super secret that nobody knows. And it is a pity.