Wednesday, May 02, 2007

preparing for JavaOne 2007

On Friday I am going to San Francisco and this year JavaOne!!

This JavaOne I thought I could perhaps replace my laptop (running windows XP) with something smaller.

I wrote earlier in my blog: "I am tired of bring my laptop to JavaOne, to heavy and the battery time is only 3 h. I need something else, so please Nokia (or any other company) fix it to next JavaOne, a handheld device with a keyboard like the UMPC!"

I thought for example about a "A ultra thin laptop, with a 11-inch screen and a keyboard. With a screen that I am able to flip horizontally, transforming the laptop into a tablet"
But I have not yet find any device like this!
Perhaps something will come later this year?

Then I thought, I buy me a new hard disk and install Ubuntu 7.04 instead of windows XP.
(I really don't like Windows XP, could I replace it?). I have running Ubuntu on a old laptop for a while and it is very nice.
But this didn't work for me!!

Why did it not work for me?
Because me as a JavaME developer, I really need Nokia PC suite to work (I need to deploy JavaME applications to my phone) and I also of course need a good JavaME development tool (Netbeans & Carbide). I know it was not supported on the linux platform, but I thought perhaps I could install windows XP on a virtual machine (using VMWare player), but it didn't work for Nokia PC Suite!

I have now give up and installed Windows XP again!
I will later give it a try again, but this JavaOne no ubuntu laptop

Because of Java I can't replace my Windows XP laptop with a linux machine!!!!
This is completely stupid!!

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andy said...

HI, I had similar plans, they have almost worked for me:
+ Fujitsu Lifebook P1610
+ SuSE 10.2
+ VMWare WS 6.0.2

I haven't figured out how to activate the touchscreen, but then haven't spent any time at it. Pretty much everything works out of the box. This lets me take it to work easily to get my real work done while using the provided MSW box as a thin client to check corporate email and access their LAN.

I do still have problems connecting PC Suite to the Nokia e90 because of armwrestling between the host Linux and client MSW over the USB connection.

Good luck.