Tuesday, December 12, 2006

adding support for Java on a nokia 770

I suddenly been able to borrow a Nokia 770!
I think Nokia's internet tablet is really interesting, a internet tablet running linux!

Nokia has also launch a community site called www.maemo.org, Maemo is an open source development environment for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

There is a new good article about Nokia 770 called
Building consumer products with open source written by Ari Jaaksi, Ari is Nokia's director of open source.

Ari Jaaksi have also a blog called Ari Jaaksi's blog.

Other presentation:
- Ari Jaaksi presentation at Linux World, Boston 2006
- Ari Jaaksi's article Nokia debuts Linux-powered Internet tablet

But the device have not yet support for Java.
Anyone know anything about this?

I would like to add support for phoneME Advanced MR2, it should be possible. I have asked about this in phoneME Advanced forum.

Anyone have installed phoneME Advanced MR2 on a Nokia 770?
Please let me know!
- Ove

ThoughtFix on the Nokia 770 (lot of good information about Nokia 770 at this blog)

Java on the 770 (Maemo/Developer mailinglist)

Bärbar internetaccess på finska -- Mikrodatorn (in swedish)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've got finally installed a Java VM on a Nokia 770. Have a look at this link:


Andrew said...

The link you left does not work!
Page 404 not found!

What did you use to get java on your 770?

Ove Nordström said...

There is a wiki about phoneme advanced: phoneME Advanced

And instructions for Nokia 770: Nokia N770/N800 and phoneME Advanced