Friday, December 01, 2006

WidSets is JavaME

I think the NokiaWorld blog was a very nice service from the Nokia event NokiaWorld. At this blog you find a lot of good information about new devices from Nokia!
One thing I found out was about WidSets, with WidSets you could create different service for the mobile phone. WidSets look very interesting for me as a JavaMe developer!
This because the WidSets is build on top of core JavaME and because of that compatible with a lot of models of mobiles phones. In Q1 2007, a dev kit will be released.

Read more about Widsets and also watch the video from blogger Benoit Darcy


MartinJ said...

Ove, thanks for posting this. I was at NokiaWorld this week but I wasn't able to talk to the guys on the Widsets stand. I have been using Widsets for about a month now. I agree it is a great example of what can be done in Java on a handset. I'd like to see some useful Widgets that are not just re-rendering RSS though.


Sarath Babu said...

Hi,Gone through Ur blog & looks nice. I am too working as a tech. architect (j2me,j2ee).Can u do favour for me..if u know any oppertunity somewhere in sweden for mobile application development, please let me know..I am looking for a change so badly.