Friday, December 08, 2006

a Nokia E90 or Nokia 870 is perhaps something for next JavaOne

Today I have a Dell laptop and Nokia E61 and since some weeks ago I have also bought me a Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W, it is really great.

But I want to replace my laptop with something else to next JavaOne 2007!

As I wrote earlier in my blog what I would have to next JavaOne:
"I am tired of bring my laptop pc to JavaOne, to heavy and the battery time is only 3 h. I need something else so please Nokia (or any other company) fix it to next JavaOne, a handheld device with a keyboard like the UMPC!"

There is a interesting rumor about a new device from Nokia called Nokia E90
I hope it is true !
It look very interesting!

Have a look here:
Ring Nokia, Nokia E90 information (almost too good to be true)

e61Life, Nokia E-90 - Info

Here you could also read more about S60 3d Edition Feature Pack 1

A other possible solution to replace my laptop is with a internet tablet, today Nokia have a internet tablet called Nokia 770 (but there is no keyboard and I need a keyboard), but there is a rumor of Next Generation Tablet from Nokia, called Nokia 870. Please Nokia add a keyboard, I promise I will buy it!!

Good support for JavaME is a requirement for me, it is for all devices I buy!!
But Nokia always have good support for JavaMe, so I am not so worried.

There is also a interesting rumor about Apple smart phone project rests on Mac OS X tie-ins, I hope if Apple release it, it will have JavaME support?
Info om Apples SmartPhone (In swedish)


Björn Caroll said...

I still think that the Pepper Pad is the best choice available today.

stephane said...

Mobile Zoo just captured the Nokia E90 specifications. You can look at its technical specifications here: E90 specs

Anonymous said...

A review of the new Nokia E90