Friday, April 13, 2007

Sun buys SavaJe, SUN please Open Source SavaJe SW!

This is great news!!
Sun buys mobile phone software maker SavaJe
Sun promised more details about its plans for SavaJe at the JavaOne Conference scheduled for May 8-11 in San Francisco.
Sun said it expects to close the SavaJe asset acquisition by the end of June.

I wrote earlier in my blog Sun, please work for OpenSource the SW in the SaveJe phone! this because SavaJe is out of business.

Now it will also be possible for SUN to Open Source SavaJe SW!
I think a lot of developers would be happy about that!

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Björn Caroll said...

I think that the chance that Sun releases SavaJe as open source is quite high, and that is for two reasons.
1. That is the only way there will come something good out of it.
2. Sun has committed to release every software they own as open source.