Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sun, please work for OpenSource the SW in the SaveJe phone!

What will happen with the SW in the Jasper phone?
Now when it looks like the company SavaJe is out of business.
I think this is really sad because the SavaJe phone (Jasper), AGUI (JSR-209) was planned to be implementation complete in Q406.

I have a message to Sun!
If that's the case, maybe there will be some effort from Sun to Open Source the SavaJe SW?
Please work for Open Source SavaJe SW!
(I understand it could be hard for SUN to do something in this situation, it is perhaps impossible)
In any case, Sun, “please make that happen!!”
I think a lot of developers would be happy about that!

A lot of people bought the SavaJe “Jasper”phone in JavaOne believing it is “the future”. It would be terrible if the device is discontinued with no chance to upgrade the SW”

We also really need more real devices that run JavaME/CDC1.1/PP1.1!
(I only know one device; it is this SavaJe phone Jasper)
We need it to have success for Java at PDA’s!


Dean Collins said...

Hi Ove,
Unfortunately Savaje still own the IP for this software development and someone will eventually (hopefully) purchase it.

So unfortunately if Sun doesn't step up to purchase the liquidated assets of the company then there is little that they can do.

Trust me I more than most handset 'purchasers' want someone to take the project further as at in addition to launching the worlds first Java Click to Call solution we also developed a number of voice and presence applications for the Savaje OS.

Considering Orative was purchased by Cisco for $31m last month you can understand we had a lot riding on Savaje becoming the mobile OS of choice for smart phones.

At the moment it's up to the management of Savaje to implement some type of rescue plan (personally I've submitted a few suggestions for some left field options but probably not going to go anywhere).

On a brighter note, you probably haven't heard of a company called FIC but you might after last Thursday.

Dean Collins

Wendong said...

There are several other phones that support CDC and Personal Profile, including Nokia 9300/9500, Sony Ericsson M600 and Sony-Ericsson P990. Or you can download IBM WEME (WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment) and try it on Windows Mobile devices.

S60 will have CDC support too, not sure when.

Ove Nordström said...

All these old phones from Nokia and SonyEricsson supports JavaME/CDC1.0/PP1.0.
The best with the SavaJe phone was supports for JavaME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 and also AGUI (SWING).

It look like Nokia will support JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 and eSWT. That is what they talked about at last JavaOne2006. No support for JavaME/CDC1.1/PP1.1 and also AGUI (SWING).

Wendong said...

You are right. Savaje is the only JavaME/CDC1.1/FP1.1 phone. Savaje licenses its technology to LG. I am not sure if that phone is already in the market or not:

LG's SavaJe JAVA-based smartphone