Friday, November 03, 2006

SavaJe - bye bye????

At last JavaOne I bought me the first SavaJe phone called Jasper(a Java-based mobile phone) and perhaps also the last SavaJe phone.

Have a look on this very disappointing news;

SavaJe Java Developer Community Forums, Savaje - Out of Business or Not?:



Anonymous said...

good luck ;)

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Dean Collins said...

Yes very dissapointing, hopefully someone will buy the intellectual property and roll out a new version of it.

Even better would be if it was a manafacturer of gsm handsets who flooded the marketwith really cool models.


Ove Nordström said...

>hopefully someone will buy the intellectual property

Yes I agree about that, hopefully SavaJe will startup again or any other comany will buy it.

It is also bad because AGUI (JSR-209) was planned to be implementation complete in Q406 ( I had look forward to that!

Anyone now if there is any other phone/pda supporting AGUI?