Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't forget linux Java developers

There is a on going discussion at Forum Nokia site about that Nokia should also support Linux developers.

It was suggested:
If Nokia does not have the resources to maintain a Linux tool-chain, Linux community will be happy to maintain it if Nokia can open up the source it for Linux community.

The answer was:
Actually Nokia has already done that, there is a Nokia-driven Java tools open source project in Eclipse called MTJ (Mobile tools for Java). As Eclipse run on Linux as well, MTJ could address your needs if there were enough contributers for the Linux side (like for SDKs and other tools that are needed).

I think what we really need are:
  • a Nokia SDK that support Linux, not only a Nokia Linux Eclipse IDE
  • the Nokia SDK should also works with different tools like Netbeans and Eclipse, not only with the Eclipse platform!
I also think It would be nice if there was a Nokia PC Suite version for Linux available

I also think it is a mistake to think "depending on a surveys, some 80-90% of developers are on Microsoft". I think this is only because of the bad support for the linux platform, if Nokia and Sun support the linux platform better this will change quickly. This move from the windows platform has already started with linux distributions like the Ubuntu distribution.

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